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Pick up & Delivery

Chase Cleaners provides a wide range of dry cleaning and laundry services for all your apparel and house hold needs. We also have expert alterations personnel on premises from 10am-5pm for custom tailoring and alterations. To keep you on the go - we have 24 hour drop off and curbside parking for fast and easy drop-off and pick-up. Same Day Service (Mon -Fri, if in before 9am) No extra charge. Click on the picture for more information.

Dry Cleaning

We use the Sanitone System for dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and laundry. Having your clothes dry cleaned using Sanitone is much like using fine salon shampoos and conditioners. Your clothes will look great, feel soft and last longer. I bet you would not let just any shampoo clean your hair so why would you just let any soap clean your clothes. Demand Sanitone when dry cleaning. All garments, from casual to business attire to formal wear, get special attention. We select the best cleaning method for your garments to insure the highest quality results for every garment. Click on the picture to learn about our Organic & Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning.

Bridal Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Your Bridal Gown/Wedding Dress is cleaned and specially boxed to preserve its beauty. Click on the picture for more information.

Expert Alterations & Custom Tailoring

It is a great thing to have expert alterations & custom tailoring services near where you live or near where you work. Many dry cleaners do offer alterations, but there are still many that do not. At Chase Cleaners Inc. we do provide dry cleaning and alterations to all of our customers who have a need. Our Expert alterations service will be on hand from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. for custom tailoring or for your alterations needs. This could include anything from standard alterations for your every day clothing, to business attire, wedding gowns, tuxedos and more. Click on the picture for more information.

Shirt & Laundry Cleaning

Laundry Services for all your laundry needs - from washable garments to washable household items. Shirts are laundered, starched to your preference, pressed and then hung or boxed. Click on the picture for more information.

Special Cleaning

Special care handling for your prized garments like Leather, Suede and Fur.

Household Furnishings

We clean all your household dry cleanable items - down comforters, blankets, pillows, rugs, draperies, etc.

Wet Cleaning

1. Better for the environment. Better for your clothes.
We choose to Go Green. Chase Cleaners offers their customers an Organic method called Wet Cleaning — an alternative method to “Dry Cleaning”. Unlike traditional dry cleaners that use PERC, a highly toxic chemical that never leaves your garments after it’s been applied; our method of Wet Cleaning using fresh water and biodegradable, non-toxic detergents in special equipment. Environmentally friendly cleaning system by Sanitone boasts fabulous results on everything from silk and satin, to wool and cashmere. Clothes come out with no residual odor and a luscious feel. Click on the picture to learn more about our Green Cleaners.

Greener Cleaner

2. Hanger Recycling Program
Cleaning out your closet? Don't throw away hangers from Chase Cleaners. Instead, return them! This program alleviates hundreds and thousands of hangers from our landfills.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning

  • Cleans your clothes gently and completely without any harsh toxic chemicals, which can harm you, your fabrics and our environment.
  • Makes your clothes and other fabrics last longer, look sharper and feel softer, smoother and more comfortable on your skin. And, there’s no toxic chemical residue or smell
  • Helps preserve and protect the lasting quality, appearance and value of your fabrics by naturally removing even the most stubborn dirt and stains without damaging the sheen, color or texture of the fibers.

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